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-Creating Architectural Lighting Details to conceal light sources. 


-Coordinating samples for mock-ups for clients. 


-Lighting Fine Art. 


-Creating lighting plans and lighting control plans.

-Selecting lighting fixtures based on the unique constraints of projects. 


-Creating custom fixtures. 


-Selecting decorative fixtures. 


-Selecting lamps (light bulbs) for any application, including retrofitting. 


-Helping consultants to locate any ceiling equipment so that the ceilings look as seamless as possible.


-Helping electrical engineers meet their code requirements. 


-Creating energy-efficient lighting designs.


-Creating custom keypad engravings for clients. 


-Coordinating MEP with consultants as challenges arise. 

-Creating a lamping (light bulb replacement) plan for future maintenance.


-Working with the control equipment engineers to set the final lighting "scenes". 


-Aiming and focusing adjustable fixtures.

-Making any final touches required to ensure a perfect experience. 

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