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Nestled within the picturesque Vermont landscape, this residential project is a stunning modern snowbird home that epitomizes sophistication and absolute beauty. Our firm has meticulously crafted a lighting scheme that seamlessly integrates with the overall design aesthetic, creating a soft and enchanting ambiance. The use of high-efficiency lighting not only adds to the allure of the space but also aligns with our commitment to sustainability, keeping the lighting power density at an optimum level.

The interior of this gorgeous residence is a celebration of light and its harmonious connection to the surrounding landscape. Bleached hemlock and pristine white walls form a captivating palette, reflecting sunlight throughout the interiors and gently illuminating the lower levels via a gracefully designed stairwell. Positioned strategically on the second floor, the primary living and dining areas afford breathtaking views of the serene lake. A daylit mezzanine, hovering above the kitchen, serves as an artist's studio, infusing creativity into the heart of the home. The ground floor, thoughtfully designed, accommodates practical elements such as a garage, ski-tuning station, laundry, media room, and inviting guest rooms. This residence stands as a testament to the perfect synergy between modern design, sustainable practices, and the enchanting play of light.

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