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The Recessed Lighting Discussion

We believe that every space deserves to shine brilliantly. Today, we want to shed some light on a topic that often goes unnoticed but plays a pivotal role in achieving exceptional lighting design: the choice between high-quality recessed downlights and surface-mounted “recessed” downlights.

Recessed downlights are a sleek and sophisticated way to illuminate your spaces. They offer a seamless integration into ceilings, walls, and other architectural features. But not all recessed downlights are created equal, and the choice between high-quality recessed downlights and their surface-mounted counterparts can significantly impact the atmosphere of your space.

This image (white kitchen above) is an example of (surface mounted)  “recessed lighting”.

Yellowstone Club Spa with

Recessed Adjustable Accent Lights at end of corridor to invite you in.

Recessed Square Wall washers

(below) in an office

make the rest of the room feel bright.

High-quality recessed down lights are designed to disappear into the architecture, providing an unobtrusive and clean appearance. They create a visually pleasing, clutter-free environment.


The recessed lights we specify are engineered for precision. They emit light in a focused and controlled manner, reducing glare and ensuring that light is directed exactly where it's needed, enhancing the overall ambiance.


This can be on visual elements we want to draw attention to, washing a wall with light, or an artwork accent. The reflection of the light into the room is more flattering and reduces the glare (when compared to wide beam fixed downlights that are not actually recessed).

We help make spaces that are warm and inviting by creating layers of light that can be controlled separately so that your home can be fine tuned to your liking. Decorative elements will provide punctuation and grounding to the room and can softly glow, while you get most of your functional light from your recessed adjustable lighting.

Notice the precise spot lighting on the barrel tables in this whiskey bar in Saratoga, Wyoming.

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-Written by Maxime O'Rourke, For Prism Lighting Design


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